AP Brakes- Killian Wooder season ends

Killian went to Mesquite, a man on a mission. He had the opportunity to win two more National Championships, but it wouldn’t be easy. He was only ahead in points by 4 in the 250F A class and was 2 points behind in the 15-29 Sport A. As happens so often in racing a whole season comes down to the last race, Mesquite’s new track is pretty sandy and the off-road is mostly sandy. So after a discussion with Mike Farmer at the Maxxis Tire support truck , it was decided that he would mount Maxxis SM sand tires on the rear of the bikes.

Killian pulled a 6th on the start of the 250F A race as they exited the motocross track and headed out for the off-road the question was did we make the right rear tire choice? When Killian came into view he was in 5th. He entered the motocross track and in his characteristic smooth style swooped around the motocross track and back out to the off-road. Thanks to Mike Farmer, the decision to use the Maxxis SM sand tires was working. Each time around Killian would move up a position, all the while battling to catch the #197 Honda of Jeremy Seward, the rider he was 4 points ahead of. Killian had to finish ahead of him or at the least right behind him to win the Class Championship. By lap 6 Killian had moved into 2nd with Jeremy in 1st. Coming into the motocross track Jeremy was about 3 bike lengths ahead of Killian. Jeremy is a very accomplished Motocrosser turned off roader much like Killian.Both riders were pushing as hard as they could and if you didn’t know this was an off-road race you would have thought it was the World Mini’s all over again, as they both flung their bikes over the jumps and blasted the corners both wanting to win. It was going to come down to the wire as they entered the off-road for the last time. For Mom and Dad the next 10 minutes were nerve racking, Suddenly someone yelled “There’s Killian”! It was true Killian had made a pass out in the sand and stretched his lead to over 17 seconds. Taking the checkers in 1st he had sealed his 250F A Championship. Jeremy finished second and in a sign of good sportsmanship both riders shook hands and high fived each other at the finish line. As a side note Jeremy would come to our pit to look at the Maxxis sand tire ” I couldn’t believe how well that thing worked ” he would say ” Killian just walked away from me in the sand”.

Sundays 15-29 Sport A race would be a little different. With the performance of the Maxxis SM sand tire, and his win in the 250F A on Saturday, Killian was very relaxed and confident. Starting on the second row Killian wasted no time exerting his dominance and by the second turn on the motocross track had moved into first in his class. A position he would hold for the entire race. It turned out to be one of those rare days in racing where everything works and the rider was in the zone. As the first group of riders came into view Killian was among them. These were the Vet Pros, all the fast retired ex Pros, and Killian was right in the middle of them! When they came into view again the first bike in was TY Davis on his new 2011 Husqvarna 450 then 2nd overall was…Killian!.” Are you kidding me” was the comment we heard from someone down the pit area” “That’s a freakin 250F”. ” Hey Roger what did you feed that kid this morning” ? With each lap Killian was reeling Ty in. On the 4th lap Ty had to stop for a splash of fuel since the new Husky 450 did not have a desert tank. While he was in the pit Killian flashed by and you could tell he was in the zone and on the gas. Ty would have some work to do the catch him. On the last lap Ty was able to catch and pass Killian but Killian stayed with him and finished First in his class, second overall, only 4 seconds behind Ty Davis, and well ahead of anyone else in his class! With that he secured his second Championship for 2010, and he left no doubt that he would be the guy to beat in 2011.

Killian again rode with the Husaberg team on the 450 for the Glen Helen 24 Hour Race. The bike was outfitted with pink number plates, and the riders agreed to wear articles of pink in honor of Cancer Awareness. A hole shot on the start put the team in the lead. Everyone rode hard and smart. Besides some light mounting issues the only real problem was a plugged injector which was quickly repaired around hour 6 by Charles Jirsa, the Factory Husaberg Mechanic. As the race wore on the #356 bike became the only real challenge as the two teams would swap the lead back and forth several times. A strategic rider order adjustment in the last couple hours would allow the team to pull a comfortable lead. At the end of the 24 hour mark Team Husaberg would find itself with a 7 minute lead over #356. At the finish line the front number plate was removed and all the riders signed it. It was then presented to Charles Jirsa’s mother who is a current cancer survivor and receiving treatment. Despite her condition she spend numerous hours in the pit with the team and is an inspiration to the team and anyone who knows her. With the 24 hour win the Team is the overall 251 Open Sportsman Champions, with a fourth overall in the 6 Hour, and a win in the 12 Hour. Congratulations to all, especially Charles Jirsa who spearheaded the team and did all the prep work on the bikes.

We again want to thank everyone who had a hand in helping us with our season. Sponsors, Friends and Competitors it has been a tough year economically yet with all your help we were able to exceed our goals. With no time to rest we are already looking to next year and defending those Championships. Have a great Holiday Season be safe, and we will SEE YOU AT THE RACES !

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