DIRTBIKETEST.com Tests AP Brake Pads – Best Brake pads for DIRTBIKES


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We tested the AP ORR pads on a number of different late model KTMs and on a couple new Yamaha YZs. The pads install exactly as the stock pads and have the same amount of pad material when they are new compared to standard pads. You can back the pads with the stock brake pads insulators if you wish but we did not during our testing. The newer the brake rotor the quicker the pads bedded in, and like all pads they need to seat in and mate to the surface of the rotor for best performance. We would get the pads nice and hot with some progressively more and more aggressive stops on a surface with good traction every time we swapped them out.

After bedding most riders instantly felt some improvements over stock and on every occasion when being tested blindly the AP pads were preferred over stock without explanation. Riders typically said the AP pads had better feel and improved power, in that order. It was the control of the brakes that was noticeably better.


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