About AP Racing

AP Racing in England has been manufacturing high quality disc brake systems since 1966 providing customers and race teams with “the world’s best stopping power.” Since their inception, AP Racing has won countless championships worldwide. The technology and experience they gained from their extensive NASCAR and Formula One car racing has carried over into their motorcycle and ATV line of braking systems. AP Racing’s exclusive brake pad material offers exceptional feel and long wear life. We believe AP Racing brakes are not for everyone, only those looking for the world’s best brake performance. Brake pad systems are available for most current motocross and off-road motorcycles, ATV’s and selected applications for road racing bikes. Order AP Racing Brake Pads » and AP Racing Brake Fluid »

AP Racing

For over 40 years, AP Racing has had one aim – to create winners on the race track.

AP Racing is a major player in the design and manufacture of Motorcycle Brake systems for all competition and performance road bikes. Technical innovations are our hallmark.

In motorcycle racing we have a long and successful record in Grand Prix racing winning many world championships. Currently we are supplying state of the art brakes to competitors in the World Superbike, Moto GP, Supermoto and Sidecar championship.

AP Racing Off-road brake pads

AP RACING off-road compounds are continuously developed and tested within the World Championship Motocross GP on the best performing factory motocross bikes ridden by world-class riders, competing at the highest levels of the sport, in what is effectively the fastest moving research and development lab in the World.
AP Racing are able to take what we learn in the heat of competition and apply it to our SINTERED Off-road Racing products.

OR Off-road MX compound
Standard sintered compound for off-road and motocross use.
Excellent performance and wear characteristics in abrasive environment like extreme wet and muddy conditions.

ORR Off-road MX Racing compound
High Performance sintered compound for off-road and motocross racing at top-level.
Superior brake feeling and maximum performance even at extreme brake disc temperatures, generated at hard downhill braking and high speed MX GP tracks.

Order AP Racing Brake Pads » and AP Racing Brake Fluid »