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AP Brake pads- Robbie Bell Rocks Mammoth

Monster Energy Mammoth Motocross June 29-July 1st, 2012 Mammoth Lakes, CA The Mammoth Motocross is one of my favorite races and a must-do every year. The course never changes, but that doesn’t take away from the fun factor of the sweeping corners, technical “S” section and steep hills of the infamous Mammoth circuit. The scenery […]

AP Brakes Rider- Ryan Sipes

Ryan Sipes Talks Frisbee Golf and About His Pal Taylor Robert from The Moto Giveth on Vimeo.

AP Brakes- Bobby G wins Round 2 WORCS using AP Brakes

Garrison Takes Over at Round 2 By Joe Colombero It’s rare anymore when we get to see a true “Privateer” win a major event at the highest levels of Professional motorcycle racing. But, on Saturday February 26, and again Sunday February 27, 2011 that is exactly what happened when Bobby Garrison took the win in […]

AP Brakes- WORCS secret sand spot

WORCS-The Secret Sandtrack from bike spray on Vimeo.

AP Brakes-Interview Gary Sutherland

We Sit down with the “working man” Gary Sutherland and talk 2011 racing plans including Endurocross AP Brakes- Gary Sutherland from bike spray on Vimeo.

AP Brakes- Bobby Garrison gets 3rd at Round 1 of WORCS

AP is glad to have Bobby Back with AP. Worcs racing started off over the weekend in Taft, California with a little bit of rain just in time for the pro main event. Things started off pretty good, I didnt get the best start but was able to come out of the first corner in […]

AP Racing Brake pads-AP WORCS Squad 1

AP Racing brakes- Desert Pro Ryan Kudla

AP Racing Brakes- Pic of the month

Here is two pics, first robby bell our WORCS pro guy, second is Our Supercross Rider Weston Pieck. Robby is preparing for the WORCS season which starts in a few Weeks, you can follow him and the Whole AP WORCS team, at www.worcsracing.com Weston Pieck at A1

AP Brakes- In The Life Doc Part 1

Chapter 1 – In the Life from bike spray on Vimeo.