AP Brake pads- Robbie Bell Rocks Mammoth

Monster Energy Mammoth Motocross
June 29-July 1st, 2012
Mammoth Lakes, CA

The Mammoth Motocross is one of my favorite races and a must-do every year. The course never changes, but that doesn’t take away from the fun factor of the sweeping corners, technical “S” section and steep hills of the infamous Mammoth circuit. The scenery just adds to the experience and most people use it as an opportunity for a mini vacation, an escape full of mountain biking, fishing, hiking, golfing and (if you’re in to this kind of thing) a bit of dirt bike racing.
Friday was the Open race day and after practice I was feeling really good going into the first heat. I got a bit of an eye opener as the pace in the heat race was quicker than I was expecting and I qualified 7th. The team made some positive changes and I headed off to the start of the Open Pro Main. I’ve had a history of mid pack starts at Mammoth as I’ve never quite been able to figure out how to get off the line at the elevation Mammoth offers. With all of my focus on getting off the line well I had planned on rolling the gate to get a slight advantage as it dropped. The start procedure is quite routine and you can almost count three seconds from start board going sideways to gate drop every time. Unfortunately for me this was the exception as the gate was held slightly longer and I had to check up before I ran into the gate. Of course the moment I checked up, the gate dropped and I was hosed up the start straight, doomed to come around in the teens on the first lap. I made some quick moves but lost one of the breaks in the chain; I liken the first couple laps to a long chain of riders and there’s destined to be some breaks in the chain as some racers have more pace or better lines. The key is to be up front in the first group as once the chain breaks between packs of riders it makes it tough to gain much time as you’re making your way through. I found myself around tenth behind Brian Sjogren at about the halfway mark and could see I had a little pace on him. I was applying the pressure, going outside and in and finally in the horseshoe corner I was able to duck inside and take ninth for my own. From there I was on the wrong side of the chain and had bit of a gap to make up to the seventh and eighth place riders: Zach Peddie and Alyas Wardius. I caught up to Wardius and was able to make a quick outside-in move by and into eighth, but with the laps winding down I was running out of time to make much more progress. The white flag flew and I was right on the backside of Peddie, looking for the slightest opening to make my move. Across the start straight and through the next left handed corner I had a great run up the big uphill. Zach heard me coming and moved over to pinch me off, but I wasn’t about to lift on the throttle and our elbows almost touched just before the top of the hill. Over the top I was on the outside and made a quick pivot to shoot underneath him and in his haste to block the line he lost his front end and went down, handing me seventh place. From there the gap in the chain was about nine seconds up to Christian Craig and I came through the checkers in seventh.
For Sunday’s 450 race day I knew I’d need to figure out my starts, but it didn’t quite work in the heat race and I had to come from around 12th to finish in fourth. The finish gave me a pretty good pick on the line and I decided to change up my starting procedure and give first gear a try. It turned out a bit better and I finally had a top ten start to work with. I made a couple quick moves and came around the first lap in 7th. From there I made quick work of Chris Plouffe, as I was able to out brake him down the hill and took sixth. From there I made my way around Wardius, who enjoyed another good start and Austin Burns fell, putting me in fourth place behind Joey Savagty, Dillan Epstein and Brian Sjogren. The next lap Savagty suffered a horrible crash and dropped out, putting me in third and later that same lap Dillan slid out, but was able to pick his bike up right in front of me. I was just a couple of seconds out of the lead and was pushing to make a move on Dillan when my bike suddenly started to sputter and burp. I hoped it would sort itself out, but the problem persisted and I lost third to Craig. With my handicapped pace Tokarski made his way by and I could do nothing about it. I turned to damage control as I was now just trying to salvage a top ten finish to get another bear trophy. Savage made his way by and then Plouffe and Scharer, as I was becoming a frustrated figure. On the last lap I lost eighth place to Nathan Tiearney, but was able to hold ninth to the finish and salvage my top ten.
Needless to say I was extremely disappointed with how the 450 Pro Main turned out; I showed some speed and had the top step of the podium in my sights only to have a bit of bad luck force me backwards. In today’s technology the bikes can be a little finicky and something in the wire harness had a little issue causing the bike to cut out. It’s an unfortunate part of the modern dirt bike, but it’s always a possibility in motorsports competition and we’ll be better prepared at the next event. All in all I had a blast all weekend and used it as a bit of a tune up race for the Washougal National that I’m going to hit next month. Big thanks to Monster Energy, THR Motorsports, Precision Concepts, Kawasaki, Fox Racing, Asterisk, Hookit.com, John Burr Cycles and all of the fabulous team sponsors we have. Special congratulations to my fiancé for graduating from her Dental Assisting Program, I know how hard she worked for it. From here I have the Pala WORCS race to look forward to; I like the track and the off road should be fun and favor my skillset so I’ll be looking for my first WORCS win. See everyone there!


Thank you to all the Monster Energy, THR Motorsports, Precision Concepts Kawasaki team sponsors: FMF Racing, IMS Products, Hoosier Precision Machining, BRP, Renthal, Dunlop, VP Racing Fuels, Kalgard, DT1 Filters, Hinson, Matrix Concepts, ZLT, RK/Excel, Acerbis, Works Connection, Zip-Ty Racing, SealSavers.

AP brakes – WORCS Honey Lake

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AP Brakes Riders- Dennis Stapleton and Weston Pieck

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AP Brakes- Bobby G wins Round 2 WORCS using AP Brakes

Garrison Takes Over at Round 2
Joe Colombero
It’s rare anymore when we get to see a true “Privateer” win a major event at the highest levels of Professional motorcycle racing. But, on Saturday February 26, and again Sunday February 27, 2011 that is exactly what happened when Bobby Garrison took the win in the Pro race of WORCS round two.
For moto one on Saturday, fan-favorite Destry Abbott took the holeshot. Bobby G gated in the top five and quickly moved into second before the end of the first lap. By this point Destry had taken a tumble and Monster Energy Kawasaki’s Taylor Robert had moved into the lead. Robert has never been easy to catch once he has a lead and this race would be no different. Robert, with Garrison on his tail quickly gapped the field, leaving the trail behind them cold for third place. Garrison continued to haunt Robert, but could not make the pass until lap three when Robert handed him the lead by dumping the bike on the slick asphalt entering the pits. Garrison took the lead, the open track and clean air, and made the most of it by pulling away as fast as his privateer Kawasaki would take him.

With Bobby G well set in first and Robert hunting him in second, a battle for third ensued between Gary Sutherlin, Justin Soule, Mike Brown, and defending WORCS Champion Kurt Caselli. Caselli, who had gated poorly on the dead-engine start eventually won the final spot on the podium, but could not close on Garrison or Robert before time ran out.
Garrison took the win with Robert close on his rear Maxxis in second, Caselli finished third with Soule in fourth and Brown in fifth. With Caselli taking the opener and finishing third in Saturday’s race, and Garrison taking third in the opener and winning day one of round two – Caselli and Garrison were tied for the Championship point’s lead going into the race on Sunday.
Moto Two was even more amazing than moto one. This time former WORCS Champion Mike Brown got the holeshot with Taylor Robert close on his heels. Brown and Robert immediately gapped the field and it looked as though we would see the two of them battle for the rest of the hour. Meanwhile, both Caselli and Garrison were back out of the top five with a host of very fast and determined racers in front of them. But Brown had to slow as his forearms turned to cement on the high speed rough Primm course. Then Robert bobbled and stalled his bike. Now Kyle Summers charged to the front to challenge for the lead, but Summers too would fade as his hands blistered up (hamburger) hanging on in the endless high speed sand whoops.
Then Garrison moved into second and started putting in the fastest laps of the day and closing on Robert. Caselli moved into third, but could not close on Bobby G. In the closing minutes, Garrison took the lead and kept pushing. Robert put in one of his fastest laps on the white flag, hard on the attack to regain the lead. But Garrison would not be denied this weekend as he took moto two for the overall win and the points lead in the WORCS Series.
Robert was close behind in second and Caselli finished third for an identical podium as Saturday’s main event.

AP Brakes- WORCS secret sand spot

WORCS-The Secret Sandtrack from bike spray on Vimeo.

AP Brakes-Interview Gary Sutherland

We Sit down with the “working man” Gary Sutherland and talk 2011 racing plans including Endurocross

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AP Brakes- Bobby Garrison gets 3rd at Round 1 of WORCS

AP is glad to have Bobby Back with AP.

Worcs racing started off over the weekend in Taft, California with a little bit of rain just in time for the pro main event. Things started off pretty good, I didnt get the best start but was able to come out of the first corner in the top five. As we left the moto track I had already moved into third and was right behind Mike Brown and Curt Casselli. Mike and I went back and forth for second place for about ten minutes but I finally made the pass stick and started separating myself from the others. Things were going good but Kyle Summers ended up getting by me. I was sitting comfortable in third place. We had decided to pit a lap earlier than the rest of the field and when I did I lost two positions to Brown and Roberts. I passed Brown back and knew that Roberts would have to pit soon. When he did I tried my hardest to make a big enough gap so that I wouldnt have to battle him for third; it worked! I finished the first round in third place and I am very happy with it. It has been a long time away from the podium. I feel that we will only get better from here and can’t thank you guys enough. Bobby G